How to set up automatic launch of applications on Mac

The macOS operating system can automatically restore running applications after shutting down or rebooting. This is convenient, because you do not need to click on a dozen icons again and arrange programs on different desktops.

To reopen programs when the system boots, you only need to check the corresponding flag in the reboot / shutdown menu.

Some applications may start at system startup, even if they were not open before the Mac turned off. So, for example, when you turn on the computer, the Chrome browser is often let in.

Now we’ll figure out how to properly configure startup applications.

How to prevent applications from starting at macOS startup

There are several ways to do this.

1. Run the application and call the context menu of the icon in the Dock.

2. Select the Parameters section .

3. We remove the flag Open at the entrance .

Still applications can be registered in the autorun menu. They should be removed from this list.

1. Open System Preferences – Users and Groups .

2. Remove the lock to make changes to the settings.

3. Open the flow entry objects .

4. Select the line with the unnecessary application and delete it.

We reboot the Mac and see that unnecessary applications no longer start when the system starts.

How to add an application to autorun

To do this, choose any of the methods already known to us.

1. Leave the program open when you turn off or restart the Mac.

2. Call the context menu in the Dock and select Options – Open at login .

3. Add the program to the menu System Preferences – Users and Groups – Entities .

Here, after unlocking the parameters, you should either add the application via the “+” button or drag the program into the window directly from the Finder.

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