Pakistan join the race of 5G and ZONG made history and successfully tests 5G, launch date announced

The Pakistani telecom regulator is expected to issue 5G licences by year-end.

Pakistan successfully tested 5G network in the region, and the service is expected to be available by early next year,

Zong, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator owned by China Mobile. It conducted 5G tests in the presence of senior government officials and telecom executives in Islamabad on Thursday. 

“Zong made history and become first operator in Pakistan to successfully conduct 5G trial and this is yet another milestone for the company” Wang Hua, chairman and CEO of Zong, said at the event.

Zong, is also provider 4G-service in Pakistan, is among top three telecom service providers with 34.71 million mobile phone subscribers by the end of June. It has established Pakistan’s largest network with more than 13 million 4G customers and Twelve thousand 4G sites.

In July, PTA issued the advertisement for 5G wireless networks trials. The telecom regulator is expected to issue 5G licences by year-end that will pave the way to launch 5G service of GSM in the country, which has a subscriber base of more than 161 million as of June 2019.  

According to industry sources, 5G service in Pakistan will be 100 times faster than the current levels while network will be 10 times faster than existing broadband connections available in the country. 5G home routers speed has been recorded at 4 gigabytes per second, which means that it can download a 50gb file in just two minutes.

5G is the new generation of standards for radio systems and network architecture in the world. The technology features high data transfer rates, large capacities and ultra-reliable connections with low latency. This will ensure the mass connection of Internet of things devices for the most diverse tasks of the development of society. and in Pakistan 5G is expected to revolutionize key sectors such as healthcare, agriculture and education .

5G networks will be actively involved in such areas as the Internet of things, smart city, smart manufacturing, smart home and transport. The use of technology will help to increase the level of service and the development of new services, including in the field of industrial automation, unmanned transport, distance medicine, virtual and augmented reality.

The equipment is unknown which will be used ? but as ZONG is Chinese company and will probably use huawei and On May 16, the US Commerce Department banned US companies from working with Huawei due to concerns that Chinese intelligence services might use technology. After that, contractors, including Google and ARM , began to publicly sever relations with the Chinese corporation. Huawei denies the charges.

The inclusion of Huawei in the “black list” means that US companies can not do business with Chinese without a special license, and it can not buy technology from US manufacturers. and later Trump has allowed US companies to sell Huawei equipment. Six weeks after blacklisting

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