TELENOR DJUICE TEAM OFFER Package subscription



Want to stay connected with your friends 24 hours a day? With the djuice Team Offer, only the first call will be charged, after which all calls will be free for the day.



Network Package Name Free On-Net Mins SOCial NETWORK Free SMS Free MBs Validity PRICE
Telenor  DJUICE TEAM OFFER   Free djuice and on-net FNF calls Free Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, line, Instagram     1 Day Rs. 6.00

subscription Method


Terms & Conditions

  • Telenor reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time..
  • Offer mechanics and price are subject to change at any time.
  • Call setup charges of 12.5 paisa will be charged on every call 
  • Fair Usage Policy of 200 minutes applicable; calls on djuice & FNF will be charged Rs0.5+Tax/30 Seconds after free minutes are consumed, remaining tariff will stay the same as before.
  • FNF rates apply for On Net numbers only. Off Net numbers will be charged as per base rate.
  • Free minutes and MB’s are valid till midnight.
  • Remaining amount of minutes can be checked by dialing *500*1#.
  • Currently you can’t check the remaining MB’s posted for Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter.
  • To unsubscribe the offer, dial *345*33#; this will migrate the user to djuice One Plan free of charge) or send “Migrate” to 345 to migrate to any other price plan.
  • Company reserves the right to change the offer price and/or offer value anytime.




Offer will be valid for 1 day after the first call/Rs3 internet usage and will expire at midnight.   

Offer Eligibility:

All djuice customers are eligible for this offer


With the djuice Team Offer you can make FREE calls to all djuice numbers. And because we know how much you love to use Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. on the go, now you also get ALL these for free!

You can subscribe to the Team Offer by dialing *345*11# ONLY ONCE, FREE OF CHARGE.

Offer Details
    • First call of the day for Rs. 6 + Tax. Get FREE calls rest of the day to all djuice & on-net FNF numbers and 100MB (3G+2G) internet usable on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line and Instagram.
    • On consuming Rs. 3 on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line and Instagram à Get 100MB (3G+2G) internet usable on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line and Instagram for rest of the day.



How can I subscribe to the djuice Team Offer?

Dial *345*11# to activate.

How do I check my free minutes from the djuice Team Offer?

By dialing *500*1# at Rs. 0.20+Tax.

Can I add FnF numbers from other networks on djuice? If I can, will this offer stand for those numbers as well?

Yes, you can! But this offer won’t stand for other network FNF, however you can enjoy the amazing rates of 50 Paisa+Tax/30 seconds on other network FNF numbers.

Is the offer only applicable to on-net FnF, or off-net FNF as well?

The offer is only applicable to on-net FnF.

Which number can the first call of the day be made to?

Any call made to a Telenor number (including FNF) will be charged Rs. 6+Tax.

How do I check if someone is on djuice or not?

Send the number to “4455” and you will receive a reply informing you if the person is on djuice or not. Charges are 5 Paisa incl. Tax.

How can I opt out of this offer?

To opt out of this offer, you need to migrate to another djuice package plan.


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