BlackBerry has ended support for all smartphones in its own operating room the system 


Effective January 4, classic BlackBerry push-button devices will not be able to call or send a message.

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The company has closed its services and services on smartphones with BlackBerry OS 10, OS 7 and earlier versions of the operating system. Now you cannot make calls from them, send SMS, transfer data or use emergency services. A complete list of devices is published on the BlackBerry website.

This does not apply to the company’s smartphones that run on Android software. The final decision to disable BlackBerry OS was announced on December 22nd.

We thank our many regular customers and partners who have been with us all these years.


In 2020, Blackberry CEO John Chen announced that the company will retire all legacy services. It released the latest version of its operating system in 2013, and ended production of its own smartphones in 2016.

According to The Guardian, in 2009, at its peak in popularity, Blackberry owned 20% of the global smartphone market, but soon it was overtaken by devices with touch screens, in particular, iPhones. Now the company is engaged in cybersecurity, and its income is about a billion dollars a year.

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