Telegram has added a defiant animation to the eggplant emoji. Users are outraged

In the latest Telegram update, some emojis have received new animations. Most of the users were outraged by the reaction of the eggplant. If you click on it, then a “shot” will happen. I wonder if he could only mean …

The animation is synchronized if the chat is open at the same time for both interlocutors, and if only one user is viewing it, the second one shows the status “looking at emoji”.

Our author noticed that if you click on emoji too actively, Telegram may just crash. Even on the iPhone 13 Pro!

Full list of emojis that have new reactions:

🎈 Ball
🎆 Salute
🤮 Vomit
🍆 Eggplant
💩 Poop
👻 Ghost
💸 Money
👍 Thumb up
👎 Thumb down
🎃 Pumpkin
😂 Laugh
🎉 Clapperboard
❤️ Heart

Recall that in July, Telegram’s rating in the Russian App Store began to be massively underestimated due to peach and eggplant emoji animations. According to users, they turned out to be too provocative.


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