Thieves used a clever trick to disable Find My on a stolen iPhone. They faked Microsoft’s number

India Today spoke about a new way to unlink Apple ID from stolen iPhones, which was used by thieves. Almost everyone can fall for this bait, alas.

A victim from Delhi said that after losing his iPhone 12, he remotely locked the device, putting the smartphone in lost mode, and went to the police.

In this state, the iPhone can only be unlocked by the owner of the device. Flashing or restoring won’t help – iCloud input will be required anyway.

As it turned out, the attackers came up with a clever way to get around this. In Lost Mode, the iPhone displays the owner’s number so that you can call and arrange to return the device.



Scammers create a phishing link that mimics the design of iCloud and send it to the owner’s number. In this case, they even faked the number, hiding behind the Microsoft service. Although it would be more logical to disguise as Apple.

The thieves then receive an email address and password. And even two-factor authentication will not help in this case, because entering the code in the field of a phishing site will also do it to the cybercriminals.

Thieves can then log into the Apple ID and untie the stolen device from it.

A young man from Delhi fell for this trick, and you, our dear readers, do not get caught and be vigilant. Pay attention to the addresses of links and do not follow them from unfamiliar numbers. [ India Today ]


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