Ray tracing as a basic standard and games at 8K 60 fps: what was shown at the September NVIDIA event

On September 1, NVIDIA held a major showcase for its next generation Ampere-based graphics cards. We selected key moments from the show.
What showed

Full 4K presentation recording

What showed

NVIDA Reflex technology that cuts latency by up to 50% in competitive gaming by optimizing CPU and GPU performance. It will be added along with a driver update in September – it will be available on already released video cards. Fortnite, Valorant and Destiny 2 will be the first games with a “reflex”. The difference was shown on the example of 10 series video cards.

• NVIDIA introduced the G-Sync-displays for e-sports-based IPS to support the refresh rate of 360 Hz – they will soon begin to produce large companies such as Acer, ASUS and MSI.
• At the event, they showed in detail about the capabilities of NVIDIA software for NVIDIA Broadcast streamers – including removing noise and background, as well as intelligently following human movements in the frame.
• NVIDIA has unveiled its own machinima production application – Omniverse Machinima . It uses a combination of the company’s technologies to create cinematic action movies – including path tracing, speech-based facial animation and intelligent pose generation.

• NVIDIA considers DLSS 2.0 to be one of the biggest breakthroughs in the company’s history. Jen-Hsun Huang emphasised that with this technology, “fake” 4K in many cases looks better than the real one – with higher performance.
• Ampere series video cards are on average 2-3 times faster than the previous generation of the company’s boards in most tasks. The company talks about the biggest leap in productivity in its history.

4K Gaming Performance with Intel i9 Processors

• For the Ampere demo, NVIDIA updated their Marbles demo – it runs at 3090 at 1440p at 30fps, but uses purely dynamic effects. The performance has quadrupled in it – on the previous line, the demo ran at 720p.

• Digital Foundry called the video “the most impressive real-time graphics demo” of them all.
• NVIDIA announced its own solution to the problem of I / O (memory bandwidth) – the data will be loaded into the video card directly from the SSD. The company promises “instant downloads” of giant gaming worlds – a technology developed in collaboration with Microsoft. This is the answer to the next generation of custom SSD consoles.
• Decompression in RTX IO will be done on the GPU – on the set-top boxes, separate hardware is used for this. NVIDIA is promising a bandwidth of around 10-14 GB / s versus 8-9 GB / s on the PS5 and 4.8 GB / s on the Xbox Series X. It is unclear how it will perform in real life, though.
• RTX IO requires an NVIDIA graphics card with PCI-E 4.0 and NVMe SSD.

• Ampere generation cards are based on the G6X, the world’s fastest graphics memory. The new cooling configuration is 55% more efficient and will be connected via a 12-pin connector.
• The RTX 3080 will go on sale September 17 from $ 699. It’s twice as fast as the RTX 2080 and will be available with 10GB of video memory.
• The cheaper RTX 3070 will launch in October and start at $ 499. That being said, even the 3070 is slightly faster than the 2080 Ti, the previous generation’s enthusiast card.


30 Series vs. 20 Series (Based on 4K Performance on Intel i9 Series Processors)

The company wants to convince the owners of the tenth series video cards to upgrade. The head of NVIDIA said that “the time has come” and showed a comparison of the two generations.
NVIDIA also announced the RTX 3090 with 24GB of G6X memory. It supports games at 8K 60 fps. Its price starts at $ 1,499. This model will go on sale on September 24th.
Specifications, prices in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the 3070 and 3080 will appear simultaneously with the world launch, and the Founders Edition will be available for purchase from October 6. 3090 does not have an exact release

date yet.
RTX Game Trailers

Fortnite will get ray tracing and DLSS 2.0 support “coming soon.”

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