Power Bank

Let’s make a universal powerbank for the iPhone with our own hands. Two minutes, three subjects

Today in the heading crazy hands “We make accessories for a smartphone with our own hands” you will learn how to make a working universal power bank for your smartphone from an old charger in a car, a Krona battery and an empty candy box.

Its plus is that a battery is used to charge the gadget, which can be bought at any kiosk. So for traveling in Russia, this accessory can naturally save you and you will not be left with a discharged iPhone at the most inopportune moment.

Video instruction:

In short, in text, then you need:

1. Disassemble the adapter into the cigarette lighter and pull out the board
2. Solder the wires with the terminals for the battery to the contacts
3. Make a hole in the lollipop box (or any other)
4. Put the board with the soldered wires into the box, secure with tape or sealant
5. Charge your smartphone by changing batteries as needed

It is worth giving it a try, especially if you love doing something with your own hands. [ Mashable ]

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