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How much do they make on TikTok using the example of five bloggers

Surely many of you have a question about the income of bloggers in TikTok.

This is not even a huge YouTube, but a relatively small social network with short videos. How to get money, and how much will there be in reality?

Let’s try to figure out how much Tiktokers make from their videos.

How is making money on TikTok in general?

In 2019, there was an analogue of an affiliate program, when top bloggers received a personal offer from the service. Tiktokers were awarded bonuses, which were then allowed to be converted into real money.

Now the social network does not pay bloggers for their videos. There is no affiliate program here, like on YouTube, where you pay for the number of views.

As a result, there are two options for monetizing videos:

1 . Authors make money from deals with brands that ask to promote a song, product, service, or something similar. This is the main income. For a high level of audience engagement (more than 5%) and at least 500 thousand subscribers, bloggers can receive up to $ 450 monthly from contracts with companies.

The higher the number of views and likes, the higher the earnings. Almost nothing depends on the number of subscribers.

2 . Donates during live broadcasts . The service has a system for buying coins. Users use them to buy stickers, and bloggers then convert half of the accruals into money. The rest of the streaming income goes to the platform and Apple or Google. There is no clear figure in this case.

It all depends on the users themselves and the value of the coins, which changes periodically. At the time of this writing, 65 coins can be purchased for 75 rubles. And if, for example, a TikToker received 6,500 coins for the broadcast, then it will take him about 3,750 rubles .

It is not difficult to estimate the approximate earnings of this or that famous person. For this we made a special calculator . Below are 5 examples.



Attended a Come to Daddy movie premiere in LA. Thanks Elijah Wood! ##cometodaddymovie

♬ Skibidi – Little Big

Subscribers : 3 million
Likes : 16 million

The group has posted only 26 publications during the entire registration period on the platform. Their channel income ranges from $ 1.5 thousand to $ 2.8 thousand from each video.

Seryozha Kansnaks


Повтори челлендж 🤪 ##фонтаномразливай

♬ Фанта Кола Спрайт – izhabare

Subscribers : 2.6 million
Likes : 80.7 million

With 1250 videos available, the guy’s engagement rate is only 2.48%. But this allows him to earn from $ 1.5 thousand to $ 2 thousand per publication.

The main way to generate income is duos advertising customers.

Artem and Kirill Verzakov


♬ оригинальный звук – twins.verz.parodies

Subscribers : 6 million
Likes : 140.3 million

The Verzakov brothers wanted to make their feature that they are twins. However, at one point they shot a parody cartoon with 10 million views, so they switched to this format.

The guys are doing track ads for music labels. And they earn on social networks from $ 3.5 thousand to $ 6 thousand per publication.

But these are Russian guys. What’s going on in the USA?

Lauren Gray


you take your new girlfriend and realize that she’s not just your girlfriend , she’s everyone’s girlfriend .

♬ original sound – zoeypolito

Subscribers : 44 million
Likes : 2 billion

18-year-old beauty blogger Lauren Gray mostly shows her life, or just sings. She has been engaged in the latter for more than 5 years and not only on this site.

With 2,471 posts, she earns, on average, from $ 26,000 to $ 44,000 per video. It is now the richest TikToker in the world .

Zak King


Who likes Orange Juice? 🍊 ##lifehack ##magic ##springdiy

♬ original sound – zachking

Subscribers : 45 million
Likes : 495 million

A popular 30-year-old magician who makes money from short sketches. Also known on Instagram and YouTube for more complex tricks, in which he can do without any video editing at all.

He has only 203 publications, but for each he receives, on average, from $ 26 thousand to $ 44 thousand.

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