How to keep all tabs in Safari when you close the browser

The standard macOS Safari browser is able to restore closed tabs on restart. To do this, you need to change the value of the parameter “Open when Safari starts” to “All windows from the last session” .

Sometimes there are so many tabs set aside for later that they interfere with your work and eat up your Mac’s RAM. In order not to add all the temporarily necessary pages to the bookmarks, you can save a specific session and then return to it.

How to save a work session in Safari

1. Download the free Session Buddy app from the App Store .

2. Launch the application and enable the extension in the Safari options.

3. If it is necessary to save the session, click on the extension icon and select the Save Session item .

4. Now you can open any of the saved tabs or all open sites at once.

5. If necessary, the file with saved bookmarks can even be exported and opened on another computer with Session Buddy installed.

Of course, you can rename saved sessions, delete unnecessary pages or the entire session.

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