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Analysts: Chinese film distribution losses due to Covid-19 coronavirus amounted to $ 214 million in two months

The outbreak of infection in the country occurred just on New Year’s holidays, because of which the authorities first suspended the work of cinemas, and now they are resuming it – but with strict conditions.

The loss of Chinese film distribution due to the coronavirus Covid-19 was estimated by the analytical firm EntGroup. According to her estimates, in January and February 2020, the fees in Chinese cinemas amounted to $ 31.3 million, while in the same period in 2019, revenues exceeded $ 217 million, and in 2018 – $ 241.6 million.

Based on this, EntGroup concluded that film distribution losses in China for two months amounted to approximately $ 214 million. Analysts explained this by the fact that the government had to close theaters right before the New Year holidays – although in 2020 they started celebrating them two weeks earlier than usual, on January 25 instead of mid-February, the prevention of the Covid-19 coronavirus started even earlier – on January 23.

After that, Chinese cinemas actually closed – until February 26, when the Beijing Cinematographic Bureau and the Center for Disease Prevention released requirements that distributors and film crews needed to resume work.

So, in cinemas they must sell tickets for seats at least through a row and through a seat, and also disinfect the halls after each session. Film crews of over 50 people cannot work in Beijing until the end of the epidemic, and teams less than 50 people are required to observe protective measures – everyone except actors must wear medical masks, and employees with a body temperature above 37.3 degrees should not be allowed on the site.

According to EntGroup’s forecast, Chinese cinemas are unlikely to return to full operation in March. The coronavirus Covid-19 began to spread in the country in December 2019 – by March 2, 2020, more than 89 thousand people were infected in 65 countries, and more than three thousand people died from its effects.


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