iFixit take apart the new Mac Pro and marvel at how simple it is

Experts iFixit disassembled the new Mac Pro and were very happy with the way Apple has made his most expensive computer.

The basic version of the Mac Pro for $ 5999 or 375 thousand rubles got into the iFixit laboratory. But this does not affect the assessment of the computer, since the more expensive modifications of the gadget are assembled in the same way.

The Mac Pro case is disassembled without any tools. A handle is hidden on the top side, which you need to pull to access the components of the device.

The cover is removed without much effort. Users do not need to disconnect the cables. The power button is connected to the motherboard through special contacts that do not require wires.

Inside the case there are many compartments closed with plugs. Under the very top is the RAM. It gets and is replaced, as in a regular PC.

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All PCIe slots are locked onto a single lock. You need to move it to the right to open all the latches. Conveniently.

Near the fans is an SSD. It is associated with the T2 chip, so replacing it yourself will not work. To change the drive or increase its volume, you have to contact an authorized service center.

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On the front of the Mac Pro are three large fans that let in cold air. On the back side there is one fan for heat dissipation.

Unlike other computers, the Mac Pro does not have separate fans for the processor and video card. There are also no filters on the Mac Pro that filter out dust and other debris. Apple engineers say they don’t need them.

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The processor is hidden under a large heatsink with the inscription Mac Pro and the Apple logo.

The computer has very few wires. Even fans are connected through special contacts. In fact, the Mac Pro has one cable that can be disconnected. It is needed to connect the power board to the motherboard.

This is what the Mac Pro motherboard looks like.

iFixit delivered the new Mac Pro 9 out of 10 on the maintainability scale. The specialists really liked that there is no glue in the computer, and most of the parts can be replaced without tools.

Another advantage of the Mac Pro are standard connectors. Users do not have to contact Apple to upgrade components. If desired, this can be done at home, and also saving a lot of money.

The main disappointment was the SSD. It can be removed, but you cannot install a new one yourself. [ iFixit ]

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