How is the Mac Pro cooling system different from any other

In an interview with Popular Mechanics magazine , Apple engineers Chris Ligtenberg and John Ternus talked about some of the innovative cooling features in the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR in detail.

They said that a team of Apple engineers had to look for new ways to “use the laws of thermodynamics” to allow the computer to reach its full potential. Active internal cooling consists of three axial fans in the front of the chassis and a blower in the rear.

This whole system had to be developed from scratch, since ready-made coolers work too loudly. The blades of the fans built into the Mac Pro are designed so that they run quietly at increasing speeds.

This is [ approx. solution ] is almost entirely borrowed from car wheels. There is math behind it.

The bottom line is that the resulting sound can be loud, but pleasant in sound. It is “better than something quiet but annoying.”

We want really great performance when you either don’t hear it or, if you hear, it’s a kind of nice noise. We analyzed the process and understood how to optimize it.

Apple believes that users will not even hear how the built-in fans work.

The Pro Display XDR has fans for individual components. However, they would not work so efficiently without a mesh back panel. It was impossible to use a traditional radiator with fins (heat exchange surface), because the monitor can be used in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The company claims that the innovative design of the new products allows them to be cooled 20% more efficiently. [ MacRumors ]

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