The Rewound app turns an iPhone into an iPod. Yes, the same

An app has been added to the App Store that turns iPhone into iPod Classic.

Rewound uses custom themes that change the look of the application and make it look like an iPod. It also mimics the Click Wheel and interface elements of the iconic player.

IPod skins load after installing the app, so Apple has approved it.

To play songs using the Apple Music Library. In the future it is planned to add support for Spotify.

How to add an iPod theme to Rewound

The application after installation shows detailed instructions, but just in case, duplicate it here.

1. Click the Download Skins button
2. Select Twitter
3. Download the image you like
4. Click Finish to return to Rewound
5. Click Add skin from Photos
6. Select the image you downloaded
7. To activate Click Wheel, click Turn on scroll -based navigation

Topic: Student turned iPhone into iPod with legendary touch wheel

Developer Louis Anslow has been building the app for over a year. He is currently developing a widget that resembles the iPod Nano. [ The Verge ]


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