The new Apple Pro Display XDR can only be wiped with a special cloth

In the Pro Display XDR configurator, you can install glass with nanotexture for 70 thousand rubles. It not only reduces glare, but also requires more careful care.

The Apple support site says that Pro Display XDR should only be cleaned with a dry polishing cloth developed by Apple . No screen cleaning fluids can be used with nanotextured glass.

The company warns that the Pro Display XDR must not be wiped with any other cloth. If the user loses the Apple napkin, then he needs to contact support to replace it. It is still unknown whether this service is paid or not.

Topic: Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR Monitor Launched

An Apple rag needs to be washed only by hands; soap is allowed. Rinse thoroughly after washing.

Standard Pro Display XDR glass can be cleaned with a standard microfiber cloth. [ MacRumors ]


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