How to enable tactile feedback on iPhone when Face ID is triggered

With the advent of the Taptic Engine in the iPhone, the vibration performance of the smartphone has become comfortable and enjoyable. The system with its help notifies you of all kinds of actions, for example, when 3D Touch is triggered or scrolling through lists.

In iOS 13, there is another possibility related to vibration feedback. Now you can teach your smartphone to vibrate when Face ID triggers successfully. So you will know for sure that the smartphone recognized the face when it was unlocked, recognized the owner when paying or activating important settings.

Works feature on all smartphones Apple since the iPhone the X .

How to enable tactile feedback

1. Go to Settings – Universal Access .

2. Open the section Face ID and attention .

3. Activate the switch If authentication is successful .

Now the smartphone, after successful user recognition, will give a nice return with the Taptic Engine.

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