The Chinese company Visionox showed its flexible display and analog Moto RAZR

Company Visionox showed a cot and a screen that folds up into a tube.

The prototype smartphone with a flexible display is very similar to the Moto RAZR . It has the same form factor, when closed, it resembles a regular 2019 phone.

Visionox has installed a clamshell 6.47-inch AMOLED display. The company promises that there will be no crease in the middle when the technology reaches the serial product.

Visionox also introduced a curling flexible AMOLED panel.

This is the initial prototype that demonstrates in which direction screen manufacturers are working and which smartphones we should expect in the future.

Topic: Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha smartphone presented for 179 thousand rubles

Visionox has long been working on folding screens. The company is a supplier of displays for the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha. [ GSMArena ]

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