Phil Schiller: Don’t Wait for a Touch Screen Mac

Apple is not going to release a Mac with a touch screen, said Vice President of Marketing Phill Schiller.

In a new interview, Schiller answered in detail the question of whether Apple will combine Mac and iPad.

These engineers’s best efforts are to make the Mac a better keyboard and trackpad device. This is what our customers want us to spend time on.

No, this is not our opinion. Because then you get an intermediate device, and intermediate gadgets are never better than individual things. We believe that the best personal computer is the Mac, and we want to continue on this path. And we believe that the iPad is the best tablet, and we will go that route.

The advantages of the iPad are that we assume that you must be able to do everything with the touch screen, and we do not need to offer a compromise. Mac suggests that you want to do everything with the keyboard and trackpad. We must not compromise on this path. You can look at some other products that are trying to take their place in the middle. In the end, they just offer a compromise. This is not good.

Phil Schiller, Apple Vice President of Marketing

In recent years, Apple has improved compatibility between macOS and iOS devices. But the company once again made clear that we will not see a Mac with a touch screen. [ Cult Of Mac ]

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