How to save iPhone traffic and battery with one iOS 13 feature

We found another unobtrusive, but useful feature of iOS 13 , which is useful to all active iPhone users.

Using “Data Saving” you can reduce the consumption of network traffic, it will be useful both when using mobile Internet, and when Wi-Fi connection with poor data transfer speed.

How data saving works

When this option is activated, the network activity of the iPhone is significantly reduced, and the following occurs:

▸ data transfer for applications in the background is turned off
▸ photo and video quality decreases during streaming downloads
▸ iPhone does not update backup in iCloud
контент content and application updates purchased on other devices are not downloaded
▸ photos and videos are not uploaded to the cloud
▸ automatic application update is turned off and video playback on the App Store
▸ reduced quality of downloaded tracks in Apple Music
▸ reduced video quality in FaceTime

How to enable data saving for LTE

1. Go to Settings – Cellular data – Data parameters .

2. Turn on the option to save data .

If you use an iPhone with two SIM cards, then the parameter is separately configured for each.

So when using a mobile connection, it will be possible to save traffic, which will be useful with a limited tariff plan.

How to enable data saving for Wi-Fi

1. Go to Settings – Wi-Fi and press the “i” button near the desired network.

2. Activate the Save data switch .

Please note that the option is activated for each wireless network separately. So you can enable it only for wireless networks with low connection speeds.


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