October spending by gaming companies on American television advertising

The amount increased to 60.3 million dollars. In September, it amounted to 39.3 million.

Percentage of spending on advertising on American TV in October from different brands:

  • PlayStation – 62.4% of the total
  • Xbox – 18.8%
  • Activision – 8.3%

In total, the PlayStation spent $ 37.6 million to promote seven commercials that appeared on channels 2,900 times and generated nearly 1.5 billion views.

Most of all allocated funds for the promotion of the commercial with PS Now advertising – 14.9 million dollars.

Microsoft spent about $ 11.3 million promoting seven TV commercials. They were shown 1,400 times, resulting in 584.8 million views.

Most of the funds allocated for advertising the release trailer Gears 5 – 3.8 million dollars.

Activision spent approximately $ 5 million on two commercials. They were shown 110 times, resulting in 168.6 million views.

3.8 million went to the promotion of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare commercial.

Game publishers prefer to advertise their products on sports channels.

In all cases, versions of full videos trimmed to 30 seconds are shown on TV.

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