Hideo Kojima on criticizing Death Stranding: “Perhaps the game turned out to be difficult for an American audience”

The game designer believes that the American audience likes shooters more than games with an original idea.

Hideo Kojima a few days ago gave an interview to the Italian portal, where he discussed criticism of Death Stranding allegedly from Western players.

According to him, American users took the game much stricter than the players in Europe and Japan, and told why in his opinion it happened.

It should be noted that the game received rave reviews, especially in Europe and Japan. Here in the United States, more criticism has been met. Perhaps this is a difficult game to understand for such an audience. Most Americans are big fans of shooters.
Death Stranding is not a shooter, he tries to be different.

Hideo Kojima

Kojima later noted the artistic perception of Italians and French, who in his opinion warmly welcomed Death Stranding.

I always try to create new ideas, debates and discussions – this is good. It should be noted that Italians and French have different artistic sensitivity, which allows them to appreciate this product not only in video games, but also in films.

Hideo Kojima

Hideo also shared about the future direction of Kojima Productions, according to him, the studio will go towards the distinction between AAA games and independent projects.

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