This is the best bug in iOS 13. It cannot be fixed.

Among all the bugs of iOS 13, this one should not be touched. Do you hear Apple?

Maybe this is not a bug at all , but a feature prudently left by some developer.

Some have already encountered him a couple of times. They did not understand what was happening, or did not notice on the go. And then they could not repeat.

Now I’ll show you how to make the Music application in iOS 13 really beautiful, albeit not for long.

How to enable disco background in Music

 open the Music application
▪ start any track that has words (quotation mark icon at the bottom left)
▪ click on the quotation mark icon, go to Karaoke mode
▪ minimize the Karaoke window by swiping down without stopping playback
▪ go back to the main library menu
▪ select any track of another performer

Notice that the player now has a background? The color of the album cover, by the way. And even animated: gradients float across the screen. It looks great.

The bug will continue to work until you close the entire Music application or open Karaoke again. Also, it will not work if there are words in the track – then they will be shown instead of the cover.

Why is this happening?

The effect you are observing is just the background from Karaoke mode , the new iOS 13 feature .

Anyone who has been using Apple gadgets for a long time should remember: in iOS 8.4, along with the launch of Apple Music, the background of the Music application also began to adapt to the album cover.

Just animation with several colors was not. And later this feature disappeared along with the redesign.

IMHO, Apple needs to make animated gradients either included in the Settings, or generally standard for the player. It looks great, definitely better than the fresh and utilitarian black and white background used now.

PS On Android, the feature does not work in the Apple Music application, there is simply no such “bug” there.


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