Why are the latest iPhones discharging so quickly. There is a reason

Starting with some version of the “twelfth firmware” (version 12.x.x iOS), my then iPhone XS Max stopped working after the second day, ending the second day with a reserve of 10-20% of the battery charge.

Around the same time, in our region, MTS turned on the VoLTE and WiFi Calling options. I thought maybe for this reason the phone began to consume more energy.

In October 2019, I purchased the iPhone 11 Pro Max. When buying a new iPhone, among other things, I expected that with a larger battery capacity, the novelty would last longer than the iPhone XS Max. Expectations, practically, did not come true .

I began to look for what the MAIN reason for the increased charge is. And, as it seems to me, I found her. The True Tone option is to blame (who does not know, here is the description from re: Store ).

So, I can confidently say that the iPhone 11 Pro Max (as well as the iPhone XS Max, as I understand it now) on the 13th iOS with True Tone turned on, even when at rest, discharges the battery in about two times faster. What is most unpleasant – increased energy consumption occurs even at night when the phone is in a state of complete rest (applications on the phone are not updated).


In order to confirm this fact, I give a description of my experiment. It involved the iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB. The “Content update” function is disabled on the phone (from the word “completely”, because it’s useless). On the phone, all service geolocation services are disabled, except for “Find iPhone”; in applications, geolocation is set to “Using” or disabled.

With enabled option True Tone for the period from 00:51 to 8:51 (i.e., for 8 hours), the battery is discharged from 66 to 42 percent. That is, 24 percent. Which is exactly 3% per hour (24 divided by 8):

With the True Tone option turned off, for a period of time from 21:53 to 10:07 (that is, more than 12 hours), the battery was discharged from 88 to 69 percent. That is, 19 percent. Which is 1.58% per hour (19 divided by 12):

As the saying goes, the fact is there.

In addition to the above, I note that a significant increase in battery consumption is affected by the inclusion of the option “Calls via WiFi”.


This statement is true if the functionality of cellular calls over WiFi is available from your operator in your area.

So, for example, this option is available for MTS in Novosibirsk and, at the time of writing these lines, already works flawlessly. Logically, this option should save battery power, but for the iPhone, for some reason, it’s the other way around.

The included “Modem Mode” also eats up the battery, even if no one is connected to the iPhone, which, in this case, is logical.

I ask iPhone owners to respond, who has True Tone option in the device . I propose to put a similar experiment .

If the increased battery drain is confirmed, let’s bombard Apple tech support with suggestions to return the True Tone option settings to “as it was once” when the option did not affect power consumption.

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