Scientists have found a way to “hack” iPhone with a laser pointer

Researchers at the University of Telecommunications and the University of Michigan have found an unusual way to access the iPhone and some smart speakers.

The bottom line is that scientists in a special way directed laser beams with encoded signals to the microphones of the gadgets. Devices took them for voice commands. This way you could access Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Low-power laser processing allows an attacker to issue commands from a distance of more than 100 meters . For example, to open garage doors or control other “smart” devices that do not require identification.

Technology demonstration:

The only limitation of this method is that the beam must be directed clearly at the microphone, otherwise nothing will work. Scientists have tested the “hack” on the iPhone, tablets, smart speakers and smart displays, but are sure that all electronics are vulnerable.

For the manufacture of a hack laser, enthusiasts used laser pointers and some electronic components to upgrade them. The total cost is less than $ 400 or 25 thousand rubles .

The principle of technology:

Read more on the Light Commands project website . Apple, Google and Amazon are already informed. [ 9to5Mac ]

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