Putin wants to replace Wikipedia with the Great Russian Encyclopedia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed replacing Wikipedia with an electronic version of the Great Russian Encyclopedia . He announced this at a meeting of the Russian Language Council.

Regarding Wikipedia … It is better to replace it with the Big Russian new encyclopedia in electronic form … Here it will be, in any case, reliable information, in a good modern form, proposed.

– Vladimir Putin

Stanislav Kozlovsky, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, was worried about Putin’s words. It is noted that the resource is several times larger than the size of the Big Electronic Encyclopedia.

The meaning of the words to replace Wikipedia is not entirely clear. Block? This nuance is not specified. We have always advocated expanding sources. If this implies the destruction of everything else, then it is not very clear. It is unlikely that Putin had in mind the latter. I hope.

—Stanislav Kozlovsky

Earlier, the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications of Russia Alexey Volin called Wikipedia an unreliable source of information and advised students not to use it. It was proposed to spend almost 1.7 billion rubles to create an analogue. [ RBC , MK ]


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