Review of Red Dead Redemption 2. Only life is more real

Well, have you not bought Red Dead Redemption 2 yet? And did you have high expectations from the game? HA. Rockstar Games was able to surpass any expectations and set a new level of quality.

Definitely, this is the main contender for the game of the year. These are not just big words. There is a completely adequate explanation why other games next to her do not belong.

I want to talk about this game for hours, because it created the best open world of all, it is completely unique. As well as the situations that you will encounter.

Rockstar has created the deepest open world

The player can carry only two weapons with him, there are no more invisible pockets

And not only among their games, but in general all.

The most important thing to immediately point out is not “GTA in the Wild West . ” This is a completely serious world in which there is no place for adventure around every corner. You create the whole story yourself. Even ordinary quest-giving-bring quests are completely different; they look like real requests from people.

Nobody leads you by the handle in Red Dead Redemption 2. You are free to do whatever you want. And go wherever you want.

It is important to understand that here no one will dance around you . Each character in the game lives his own life and does his own thing.

And if you have already been around a dozen times somewhere, it does not mean at all that on the 11th there will not appear any gang of maniacs.

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 lives its own life

In the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, something is constantly happening. You just may not see this. Over there, the gang is preparing to attack the ranch, and in the nearest town the local drunkard tries to leave without paying, for which he gets in the face, and a large-scale fight ensues in the saloon.

Or in the bushes behind that hill a snake attacked the traveler. If you manage to find him in time, you can save a person and suck out the poison.

Characters remember all your deeds

Suppose you somehow slipped past a lone rider, decided to rob him, shot him in the air, and he was already scared and sped off into the distance. Your horse was slower, accuracy failed.

A couple of hours pass, you return to the city, and the same guy sits there. He will recognize you and raise the alarm throughout the city. The local sheriff comes to understand and recalls that you in a neighboring village robbed a stagecoach. That’s it: the chase will begin after you, during which they will try to arrest or kill.

Try to hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 – it’s a real test

This does not mean that the characters remember only bad things. They remember something good that you did for them. The same guy with a bite, if he meets you again, will give the opportunity to buy a choice of any rifle from a local gunsmith.

All these moments pass completely by accident. And not necessarily during the usual study of the open world. This may well happen during the next story mission . There is no line between quests and the open world, maximum seamlessness.

It is worth paying tribute to the ruthless Rockstar, who worked on the game for 7 years. They were able to create the best, natural and vibrant open world.

Maximum immersion guaranteed

This is a real role-playing game . A game in which a player has a place.

Yes, there are some RPG elements here: characteristics of the horse, character, traders, sometimes even dialogs. But this is a trifle on which developers do not make almost any emphasis. The most important thing in a role-playing game is the atmosphere. And here it is served just delicious.

Briefly about the plot. No spoilers

Of course, the most important moment in the game is the era .

This is no longer a typical Wild West in our usual sense. 1899 is a transitional moment between the Old and New Worlds.

Civilization has come to the Old World, still inhabited by people who are used to living with eternal violence and endless freedom. This world will soon leave them, and they are well aware of this, but do not want to believe it.

Here, the city of Valentine and San Denis, impregnated with mud, debauchery and whiskey, coexist, where there is already electricity, huge art galleries, life, in the end. At the same time, San Denis grows and develops, and other small, miserable “little towns” are gradually dying.

You will observe throughout the game the formation and survival of one of the last gangs of the Wild West – Van Der Linde . A gang of bandits, apostates and outcasts, rallied under the charismatic idealist Dutch van der Linde. They chose life outside the law and now live in fear, because they are forced to flee forever from this very law.

In the center of the plot is Dutch’s right hand: Arthur Morgan .

O’Driscolla Gang, Dutch’s long-standing enemies

This is a seasoned bandit who has been in the gang since its inception. It develops throughout the plot and changes radically. Exactly like Dutch. It is especially interesting to follow the leader, because at the beginning of the game he is completely different: softer and prudent, not a cold-blooded psychopath, as we knew him from Red Dead Redemption.

But not only one 50-hour plot keeps you here.

Game mechanics

How cool the horses are worked out here. Anyway, animals. They all live their own lives, they have their own desires, emotions, sensations.

And all of them have worked out the physics of interaction with the player and other characters and objects as much as possible . There, literally the day before yesterday, I was jumping on another robbery, I planned everything. Yeah, as usual, everything went wrong with me. I urgently needed a fast horse, which I bought for a lot of money.

She was awkward. She slipped on a stone, fell, rolled down a hill and banged her head on another stone. Died. I had to cancel plans for a commercial stagecoach and go buy a new horse.

You and your horse have personal equipment in which you collect ammunition and various items. All this can be sold and bought.

In this game, just a lot of little things that are not too lazy to work at Rockstar Games. Even the banal desire to eat and drink is present here, you need to dress according to the weather, feed and care for the horse.

Maintain good relationships with gang members. All this works perfectly for immersion.

The developers managed to create a world in which I want to return again and again. And not because there were outstanding tasks left, and then to live there, to walk, to entertain yourself. Everything is like in real life.

And the efforts of not only scripters, coders and programmers are visible. The design of this game was worked by real professionals who put their soul into it. Try to find in Red Dead Redemption 2 two repeating trees, or at least planks on houses. You cannot do this .

Rumor has it that the scriptwriters have written for this game as many as 500 thousand lines of dialogue . This is more than in the top five role-playing games.

Robbing caravans – that’s what you want to do inveterate bandits. And with improved shooting mechanics, this turns into sheer pleasure, although it does not always end in success.

Here, a headshot from any weapon becomes critical, a character (even the main character) instantly dies . And again, it works for immersion.

Here is just a sea of ​​ordinary routine, from which you do not get tired even after hundreds of hours of play.

A game in which you want to be endlessly

The plot in the game is built as canonically as possible. He tells a very sad, but terribly interesting story.

Not just because I said in the headline that only life is more real. No one can overtake Rockstar Games. You will not meet a deeper open world anywhere.

Important. Do not forget to re-cock after each shot

And you still remember these words to me. Watch the story of the main character Arthur and the leader of the Dutch gang especially carefully. Such evolution of characters simply does not happen, it would seem. But no, now this is the standard. And some of their decisions can even be influenced. These are people mired in sins. And they became so not only of their own free will. And now they are paying.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a new level for Rockstar Games, with a serious open world, with a heart-breaking history and simply colossal work on trifles.

It remains to wait for the release of the online, and then everything will definitely fall into place. And in terms of the single player campaign, she simply has no equal. And I was glad to pay for it . on the PlayStation 4 Pro .

And I’ll be ready to repeat this experience again if the game still comes out on a PC. By the way, there are already mentions in the iOS application code. 😉

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