How AirPods Pro differs from AirPods 2

Just a few minutes ago, Apple showed the AirPods Pro with an active noise reduction system.

They are very different from the company’s past wireless headphones: from design to specifications. This is a brand new device.

Consider the difference between the last generations.

1. Appearance and weight

Apple has completely redesigned the look of AirPods Pro. They have become “even more compact and comfortable” thanks to the three sizes of inserts with a conical cavity.

The headphones themselves are a bit smaller:

• AirPods Pro, each earphone: 30.9 x 21.8 x 24.0 mm
• AirPods 2, each earphone: 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm

• AirPods Pro Case: 45.2 x 60.6 x 21.7 mm
• AirPods 2 Case: 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm

At the same time, the novelty case weighs 5.6 grams more: 45.6 g against 40 g.

2. Sound

Apple has made a new sound system in AirPods Pro.

The novelty received a driver with a wide amplitude and low distortion to obtain “high-quality low frequencies”, as well as a high-performance amplifier with a wide dynamic range.

In addition, the company introduced an adaptive equalizer, individually tailored to the geometry of the ears of the owner.

3. Noise reduction

AirPods Pro first introduced an active noise reduction system. It adapts to the ears of the wearer and complete earbuds and blocks external noise.

With the function Open mode, you can temporarily turn off noise reduction. There is a system for balancing the pressure in the ears, but there are no details about it.

To manage all these settings, we installed a System in Package processor based on an H1 chip with 10 cores.

There was nothing like this in past AirPods.

4. Kit

Complete with AirPods are the headphones themselves with a case, documentation and a Lightning / USB-A cable.

In the box with AirPods Pro, they additionally put three pairs of nozzles, as well as a Lightning / USB-C cable.

5. Sensors

There are 4 sensors installed in AirPods: Dual directional microphones, dual optical sensors, motion detection accelerometer and voice activity detection accelerometer.

In AirPods Pro, 2 more sensors were added: an internal microphone and a pressure sensor.

6. Autonomy

AirPods Pro’s uptime has been reduced from 5 hours to 4.5 hours for each headphone. If you turn off noise reduction, the operating time will increase to 5 hours.

The case allows the gadget to work for 24 hours.

7. Gestures

New gestures appeared in AirPods Pro, no more tapes.

• Press the sensor once to start or pause playback or answer a call
• Press twice to go to the next track
• Press three times to return to the previous track
• Press and hold to switch from active noise reduction to Open mode or vice versa
• Say hello Siri to play a song, call or get directions using a voice command

8. Compatibility

Past generations of AirPods are compatible with iPhone 5 and iPad mini 2, iPod Touch and above. AirPods Pro works with iPhone SE and 6S, iPad mini 4 and above.

9. Price

AirPods with a regular case cost $100 with a case with wireless charging – $159.00

AirPods Pro with wireless charging cost  $159.00  On sale from October 30 to the USA, in Russia – in November (they promise to ship in 2-3 weeks).

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