Now proven. Dark theme iOS 13 very much saves battery iPhone

video was released on the PhoneBuff channel comparing the autonomy of the iPhone XS Max with dark and light modes.

Every two hours, the author of the video launched applications, including Messages, Twitter, YouTube and Google Maps.

On both smartphones, the screen brightness was set at 200 cd / m². This is approximately 70%.

During testing, it turned out that applications that support dark mode are much more efficient in consuming battery power. After two hours of using Messages, the iPhone XS Max with a dark theme left 88% of the battery, and the iPhone with a light mode had 83%.

The iPhone XS Max, with its light theme, was discharged while Google Maps navigation was running. At this point, another smartphone has 30% charge left.

Judging by the schedule, the iPhone XS Max was the most discharged when using Twitter and YouTube with a bright theme.

This test proves that the dark theme really saves the charge of iPhone with OLED display (iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max).

On other IPS iPhones, there will be no significant difference between dark and light modes, since the display backlight always works, regardless of the appearance of the system. [ Reddit ]


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