1XBET and Baidu ranked as champions of piracy

The American Film Company Association (MPA) has published a review of pirated content markets, which, in addition to the usual “hotbeds” of unlicensed films, this time includes Chinese hosting Baidu Pan and the betting company 1XBET. The latter is widely known for advertising on pirated resources and in the releases distributed through them.

The Pirate Bay-level sites familiar to the industry and users remained on the list, there were no noticeable changes: all the same providers of pirated IPTV, mobile applications for viewing the “wrong” content and providers (for example, Cloudflare CDN provider, which is considered a regular participant in the report) .

MPA notes that the Russian 1XBET stimulates the appearance of the most operational copies of pirated films and television shows and is one of the most active advertisers online. Another newcomer is Baidu Pan. This is a file hosting hosted by a Chinese search giant. Here, allegedly, you can find a lot of pirated content, which does not suit American filmmakers.

The MPA list is used by the US government to build policies for countries that own the sources of piracy from the rating (where there are American companies and services).

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