Stop waiting for the new iPhone SE

Rumors that in the first quarter of next year, Apple will release the successor iPhone SE do not cease. Analysts expect another budget model to replace the discontinued compact smartphone. But it will not be SE 2.

Journalist Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac is confident that the smartphone will get a different name. Then comes his opinion.

Beloved by many, the iPhone SE was a device that suited two completely different demographic groups.

One needed a nice purse with a modern iPhone that would cope with everyday tasks. Other users liked the smartphone for its compactness, classic design and indestructible body. Cheapness was a nice bonus for this category of buyers.

According to analysts, the second generation iPhone SE will be made only for the first demographic group. Those who buy a smartphone based on price. And who wants a compact device with a classic design – you’re upset.

The novelty will become more affordable compared to the rest of the iPhone line. She will receive modern iron – A13 processor with 3 GB of RAM. In this case, the smartphone will be released in the iPhone 8 . Preliminary leakage specifications say exactly that.

It will not be iPhone SE 2, but iPhone 8s or iPhone 9

The most likely design of the new iPhone

In other words, you can still forget about compact smartphones from Apple.

The only good news for the rest is that next year the flagship iPhone models will receive a new bezel design. They are expected to be the same as current iPad Pro models.

There are big doubts that Apple will name the new smart iPhone SE 2. It is interesting to see what kind of name the company will choose. It is possible that it will be associated with the iPhone X or iPhone 11, because both of these names are strongly associated with the design without a frame and with Face ID.

The most logical name for the new product is the iPhone 9 . This is a later device than the iPhone 8, but its design and features are preceded by the iPhone X. But Apple does not always logically name its devices. In any case, we are waiting. [ 9to5 ]


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