In iOS 13.1.2 found a lot of bugs. iPhone does not ring, battery does not hold

On the Apple Support Forum and on Twitter, users complain about bugs in iOS 13.1.2.

Some users report that the iPhone does not show incoming calls. Others are unhappy that the earpiece and microphone stop working during calls.

Sometimes the iPhone itself interrupts the call.

Since the release of the latest version of iOS 13.1.2, I am faced with the fact that almost every call made is interrupted, the conversation suddenly starts to sound like buffering, and then is interrupted. Please, help.

Some bugs can be fixed by resetting the network. This is done through Settings β†’ General β†’ Reset β†’ Reset Network Settings .

Another issue of iOS 13.1.2 is the increased power consumption, which sometimes leads to a strong heating of the device. Users note that some iPhones began to work on iOS 13.1.2 much less than on the latest versions of iOS 12.

Apple is likely to continue to fix bugs and optimize battery performance in future versions of iOS. But while users have to put up with all the shortcomings of iOS 13. [ ZDNet ]


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