Unexpectedly released Postal 4 on Steam

Running with Scissors Studios unexpectedly announced and immediately released Postal 4: No Regerts.

True, the game is now available only in VERY early access. The developers do not hide the fact that it has a lot of bugs and poor optimization.

It is noted that this is the “true” continuation of Dude’s adventures from Postal 2. The authors completely forgot about the existence of the failed Postal 3. This time, the actor is voiced by John St. John (voice of Duke Nukem), and not by Rick Hunter, familiar to everyone.

The plot is the most typical of the “fasting”: Dude after a week in Paradise wandered around Arizona with his dog Champ, trying to find a new home. A few years later they reached Edensin, on the way to which they managed to rob the protagonist.

Postal 4 is already available for purchase on Steam . Until October 21, the price will be  $7.37 USD.

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