Fortnite ends the world, the map is sucked into a black hole

Fortnite has been inaccessible to players for several consecutive hours . The tenth season ended on a large scale – the card was sucked into a black hole.

According to the plot, a meteorite fell on the island after the next launch of rockets into space. The shells opened a hole in space and time, which led to the formation of a black hole. A few minutes later the world was gone, the players too.

Even if the gamer did not play at the time of the explosion, he was still sent to the wormhole:

Now, players are looking forward to launching the fully updated Fortnite: Chapter 2 game.

The official stream on YouTube was followed by more than 4.5 million people, on Twitch and Twitter – over 2.7 million. You can see how everything happened, below:

On the screens of players around the world, numbers periodically appear. Now users were able to decipher two messages: “I was not alone” and “Others were out of the loop.” What would that mean? [ Bbc ]

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