Vape lung damage resembles chemical burns

Specialists from the non-profit organization Mayo Clinic examined lung samples from 17 patients who were admitted to American hospitals on suspicion of airway disease after vaping. A lung biopsy of these patients was passed to clinic specialists who specialize in lung pathology. They concluded that damage to the samples resembles chemical burns.

“ All 17 cases show a picture of lung damage that looks like exposure to toxic chemicals, toxic chemical smoke, or chemical burns, ” Dr. Brandon Larson of Mayo Clinic quotes The New York Times . – Honestly, they look like the damage that you expect to see from an unfortunate worker injured in an industrial accident when a large tank of toxic chemicals spills. This person is exposed to toxic fumes, a chemical burn of the respiratory tract occurs.

These injuries can also be compared with similar ones received by soldiers of the First World War from the use of mustard gas. 70% of the samples studied came from patients who had a history of vaping marijuana oil.

There are currently 800 cases of lung disease associated with vaping in the United States. 16 people, presumably, have already died as a result of this disease. Most “soared” the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana. Some argue that there was only nicotine in their vapes.

Oil was not found in the lungs by experts. They suggest that it is worth looking deeper into the chemical ingredients that are used in their manufacture.


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