PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett equip streamer cameras

The developers of the next generation consoles decided to pay serious attention to the transfer of data for video broadcasts. This was reported to reporters by an anonymous source who sent real photos of the PlayStation 5 in the developer version to the Gizmodo editorial office .

This source works in the studio, which is developing games for the PS5 and the future console Xbox. He argues that Microsoft and Sony are putting a lot of emphasis in future generation consoles on streaming. Both devkits come with cameras, both consoles support live streaming functionality.

At the same time, the Xbox Scarlett devkit supports the possibility of broadcasting in 4K, and its camera comes with a Snapchat-style demosoft that allows you to change the background of the environment.

It should be understood that not all technologies used in versions of consoles for developers, in the end, may turn out to be in the consumer version of consoles.

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