IOS 13.2 found AirPods 3 image with a new design

In the iOS 13.2 beta 1 code, they found a link to an AirPods 3 image with a completely new design .

Judging by the picture, the novelty will receive silicone ear pads, which will be used for a softer fit and sound insulation.

The image was found in the “Universal Access Settings” folder

The code name for the headphone is B298 .

MacRumors suggest that they can be used, for example, as a hearing aid, since the Universal Access menu has a special section for setting accessories for people with disabilities.

It is not known exactly when AirPods 3 will be released. But judging by the fact that the image was found in iOS 13.2, we can see them at the next Apple presentation in October-November. [ MacRumors ]


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