Google partner used homeless people to train face recognition system

One of Google’s partners used a controversial method to obtain the data needed to train a face recognition system. According to The New York Daily News, Randstad was looking for homeless people who acted as “models” for the neural network that forms face recognition algorithms.

Preference was given to people with dark skin color, they were not informed that the data would be used in a commercial project, information about work on Google was omitted.

Sources of the publication said that they chose homeless people, among other things, because they “would very likely not tell anyone”. Some were misled, “playing with them in some kind of“ selfie game “” (they gave the phone for a couple of minutes and asked to shoot themselves on the front camera). As a reward, they were given gift certificates for $ 5, however, according to local law, only 10-dollar gift cards can be exchanged for cash.

Google and Randstad have not yet commented on the situation.


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