Destiny 2 released on Steam and entered the top 10 games with maximum online

On the evening of October 1, Steam released the release of the game “Destiny 2: New World” – a free version of the game that moved from the store after breaking up with Activision. Since the release of the game, the game began to set records for peak online users.

An hour after the premiere, more than 160 thousand people were already in the game, and by five o’clock this morning their number exceeded 219 000. Thus, Destiny 2 entered the top 10 games that managed to collect the maximum peak online players.

Simultaneously with the release of the free version of the game, which includes previous DLCs, the addition of Shadowkeep was released. The developers clearly did not expect such a large influx of players, the game servers could not cope with the number of people who wanted to run Destiny 2, and therefore a queue was formed at the entrance to the servers. Hi WoW Classic! Bungie even had to urgently stop the servers to maintain them.

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