Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is not and will not be

Last week, Xiaomi introduced the flagship Mi 9 Pro 5G and the concept smartphone Mi Mix Alpha (pictured), which will be released in a small batch at a price of about $ 2800. There was not a word about the successor to the frameless Mi Mix 3, although it was expected that the device will be shown at the same event. It turned out that such a smartphone will not exist at all. 

Information on the Mi Mix 4 regularly appeared on the Internet, but a Xiaomi spokesman said: Mix Alpha is the only Mix series smartphone that the company will release. Apparently, the new generation Mi Mix is ​​not planned at all.

Usually, this line showed Xiaomi’s innovative ideas: frameless display, slider form factor, and so on. Mi Mix Alpha also meets the criteria: the smartphone received a display “wrapped” around the case, which occupies not only the front, but also almost the entire back side. True, the price for such innovation was decent – about $ 2800. It is even more expensive than Samsung and Huawei smartphones with flexible screens.

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