Google Pixel smartphones recognize traffic accidents and offer to call rescuers

Google is working on an application that will be able to recognize an accident in which a user of a Pixel smartphone has been hit. The device will ask if you need help, and without receiving an answer, it will itself call the rescue services, and at the same time (with the option turned on) it will notify your emergency contacts.

It is assumed that the application will first be available for Google Pixel 4, and then will appear on older models. Accident recognition application uses several smartphone modules: microphone, accelerometer, GPS. The system uses a microphone to confirm the accident: it seems that the smartphone listens to the sounds of broken glass or other sounds and noises common during road accidents. The application page is already available on Google Play.

In addition to accidents, the system will be able to recognize other dangerous situations that happen to the user.

The application will be available only in the USA.

Presentation of Google Pixel 4 will be held on October 15.


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