How to find out your phone number. The best ways for all operators

You can find anything on Google. Just do not have your phone number on the SIM card.

How to recognize him – quickly and with any operator?

Collected all the methods in one material.

Universal Ways

  • View in the contract with the operator or on the starter pack;
  • Call the operator and ask;
  • Call the number of a person who is not in your phone book. The number will be displayed on the screen;
  • Call the number of the person you have in the phone book. After that, he will be able to find out your number by clicking on your name in the call list.



  • command * 110 * 10 #;
  • call to number 067410;
  • in the application “My Beeline” ( for iOS , Android );
  • for a USB modem: in the Beeline USB modem application, go to the “Account Management” section and select “My Number”, then click “Find Number”.


  • command * 205 #;
  • enable data transfer (mobile Internet) and go to (or a regional sub-site). The number will be displayed in your account, and on the other pages – at the top of the screen;
  • in the application “Megaphone My Account” ( for iOS , Android ). 


  • command * 201 #;
  • in the application “My Tele2” ( for iOS , Android ).


Ways for iPhone

  • “Settings” – “Phone” – “My Number” (above);
  • Home menu – “Phone” – “Contacts” (above);
  • In iTunes: “Devices” – “Summary” – “Phone Number”.

Method for iPad (with 3G / 4G)

  • “Settings” – “Cellular Data Number”. 

Method for Android

  • “Settings” – “About phone” – “Status” – “SIM status” – “My phone number”.

If you have an Android shell installed, item names may vary. 

It happens that the number is not shown. This happens when you reissue or change the SIM card in the operator’s cabin.

Employees copy from the old card to the new encryption keys and other important information. But they forget to fill in the “Own Number” box. 

Instant messengers

  • WhatsApp: click on the three dots in the upper right corner – “Settings” – touch your nickname. The number is the last line. 
  • Viber: click “More” (button in the lower right corner). The number will be displayed under the avatar and nickname.
  • Telegram: main menu (three bars in the upper left corner). The number will be visible at the top. 

Why is it still important to know your number

When you buy a beautiful number by hand, a completely different value can be written to the memory of the SIM card. It is stored in the “Own number” memory cell.

If the fraudster changed “Your number”, then a beautiful number will then be displayed in the smartphone’s settings. And in the network – the real one, issued by the operator. 

Calling to another number or checking in the ways that the operator offers will help you not to be disappointed in the purchase.

Anyway, it’s not safe to buy rooms with one’s hands. If you then attach such a number to a bank card, the current owner of the number will be able to get a duplicate SIM card and leave you without money. 

How to change the number directly on the SIM card

Find the old push-button Siemens A50 or its “colleagues”, insert the SIM-card into it, find “Your number” in the contacts and write whatever you like there, then save it. You can even not follow the format.  

Another option is an ancient smartphone with Android 4.1 and lower. 

  • Go to “Settings” – “SIM card management” and turn off the desired card (or switch to flight mode). 
  • Click on the name of the SIM card and go to the section “Information about the SIM card”.
  • Select “Enter phone number” and enter the desired number. 

The same thing works in some shells for Android (for example, in MIUI). 

But in any case, your network number will not change from this. And then everyone would go with beautiful rooms. 

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