Expert: Xiaomi Mix Alpha components cost $ 700. Where does the price of $ 2800 come from?

Former Meizu vice president Lee Nan set about explaining why the retail price of the innovative Xiaomi Mix Alpha smartphone is so high. According to him, the most expensive part of the device is a curved screen. He priced it at $ 200. All other components, in his opinion, cost $ 500. And the retail price of $ 2800 is due to the small circulation and associated costs.

By this we mean the costs of research and development, adaptation of software to the device’s screen, marketing, etc. Considering that the circulation of the smartphone is very small (according to rumors, only about 10,000), then a high “debt” load falls on each individual device.

However, even the price of $ 2800 will not allow to recapture the cost of manufacturing Xiaomi Mix Alpha, Li Nan believes. For the company, it will most likely be a loss-making, but image product.

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