How to connect a mouse to iPhone or iPad with iOS 13

Recently, the official release of iOS 13.1 and iPadOS took place , which can be installed on all compatible Apple gadgets.

One of the interesting and long-awaited chips of the mobile operating system was the ability to connect the mouse to the iPhone and iPad.

How to connect a mouse to iPhone or iPad

Any mouse that works via Bluetooth or a mouse with an external receiver will do. In the second case, the receiver should be connected via a Lightning-USB or Type-C-USB adapter (not all manipulators are compatible).

To connect, do the following:

1. Go to Settings – Universal Access – Touch – AssistiveTouch – Devices .

2. Here we find the connected radio mouse (with the adapter connected) or search for the Bluetooth mouse.

3. After connecting, you can configure all the mouse keys by selecting for each appropriate action in the system.

4. In the AssistiveTouch settings section, you can change the size of the cursor, its color and speed.

Now the manipulator can be controlled in most applications and even in some games where actions are performed by tapes on the screen.

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