Day Milota: Heidi’s octopus changes color in a dream

PBS broadcast a short video from the documentary Octopus: Making Contact about octopuses. The video shows a rare phenomenon: an octopus nicknamed Heidi sleeps and at the same time intensively changes colors – as if reacting to sleep events.

Marine biologist David Sheal explained that he had never seen anything like it. The colors of the octopus usually change depending on the environment: for example, on the seabed they merge with the sand, and when they rise they become darker so that it is more difficult for predators to notice them. Shiel suggested that Heidi had a crab, and the octopus is looking forward to a hearty snack:

PBS will present the documentary on October 2. The tape is dedicated to David Shiel and Heidi: an octopus can solve puzzles, recognize faces and, in general, is similar to a pet in its behavior.

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