Chrome update system fails Mac Pro editors

The other day, some Mac Pro users found an unpleasant problem with their computers – they could not boot due to file system errors. At first, the Avid Media Composer video editor was suspected as the culprit, but it turned out that the problem was in the Chrome browser.

Google admitted : the new software release under Google Keystone, which is responsible for updating the Chrome browser, contains a fatal bug for macOS. This version of the software has already disrupted the work of several video studios: Mac Pro, on which experts mount the video, refused to turn on.

Apparently, the error occurs when Apple System Integrity Protection technology is disabled – it is designed to protect the file system from changes by third-party programs. For some reason, software from Google was able to almost kill macOS with protection turned off. This problem also occurs on Apple computers that do not support System Integrity Protection.

It is reported that most users will not be affected by the problem: as a rule, System Integrity Protection is always on, and editors deactivate it to use additional audio and video devices.

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