The head of the gaming department of Sony spoke about the energy savings of the future PlayStation 5

Jim Ryan, executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told the PlayStation blog about energy-saving measures for the next generation of game consoles.

Ryan does not indicate the name of the console, but it is definitely about the successor to the PlayStation 4 – it will get the name PlayStation 5 or some other, is unclear. The device will be equipped with new technologies such as architecture “system on a chip.” Thanks to such decisions, the console will become friendlier to nature: for example, only about 0.5 watts will be required to pause the game. It is reported that if a million users use this option, it will save the amount of electricity needed for thousands of American homes.

The debut of the PlayStation 5 is expected in the first half of next year. According to a new leak , the company will immediately present the regular and Pro version of the console (it should become $ 100-150 more expensive than the usual one).

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