New species of bees were endangered. Climate change is to blame

Scientists at Flinders University of Australia recently discovered nine new bee species in Fiji . Now it turned out that almost all of them are endangered.

Most new species live in the mountains at an altitude of about 760 meters (2500 feet) from sea level. This makes them especially vulnerable to global climate change, in addition, many bees are found on only one mountain – therefore, their population is already small.

Experts suggest that the climate also changes at a height high relative to the surface of the earth – because of this, the bees that live in the mountains die out.

In recent years, scientists have expressed concern about the death of bees, which is mainly associated with the use of pesticides to protect the crop. The disappearance of bees will disrupt the ecosystem of the entire planet and lead to the death of many species of plants and animals, and a serious food crisis is not ruled out.

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