Is Red Dead Redemption 2 close to PC release? The game has repeatedly received an age rating in Australia

When a new version of a game comes out, it must go through a repeated inspection of the classification commission and get an age rating. According to PC Gamer, Red Dead Redemption 2 appeared on the website of the Australian Classification Commission. It was submitted not personally by the developers, but by the international IARC system, which automates this process in many countries.

According to entries on the Australian website, the game was rejected twice, but for the third time (August 20), it was assigned an age rating of “MA 15+”. The site does not specify for what reason the game was re-classified. However, experts believe that the early release of the PC version of RDR2 was the reason

With this, including the launch of its own gaming launcher, which is now actively advertised on social networks. RDR2 may be the hit that Rockstar decides to promote exclusively through its service, abandoning Steam or the Epic Games Store

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