How to set a PIN code on a SIM card in iPhone

Each owner of an Apple smartphone has long turned on the Find iPhone option and set an unlock password.

On the one hand, without this, you won’t activate some chips like a bunch of keys , and on the other hand, a smartphone for thieves from a full-fledged gadget turns into a set of parts for resale at a flea market.

At the same time, we do not protect the SIM card in the iPhone at all, and yet its value can be much higher than the value of a smartphone.

What is the danger of losing a SIM card?

Imagine that you went on vacation abroad or a business trip to a neighboring region of the country. The smartphone was stolen, and in it remained the main SIM card, to which all applications, bank accounts and social networks are attached.

Small thieves will throw out a card a couple of minutes after the theft, but more seasoned crooks will try to get the most out of their booty.

Using an unlocked SIM card, you can trite make expensive calls to pre-configured paid numbers. You can transfer funds from the balance of the phone number or pay for some services for a third party.

SMS or an incoming call is often used as the second stage of authorization on different services and applications. Having learned or picked up the password for the program, with an unlocked card, all doors open before scammers.

Attackers can change the login codes or even block accounts on social networks , get into the personal account of the banking application or simply confirm debit from the bank card if they steal it with the smartphone.

At the same time, in addition to the standard procedures that you need to do after the theft of the iPhone, you will have to quickly call the operator to lock the SIM card.

Try to do this without a second husband / wife / friend phone number, on the go or abroad.

How to enable SIM card password

Avoiding the problems described above is extremely simple. It is enough to set a four-digit lock password for the SIM card in advance.

Here is what you need for this:

1. Go to Settings – Cellular data – SIM-PIN , owners of devices with iOS 11 and older versions of the mobile operating system need to open the Settings – Phone – SIM-PIN menu .

2. Activate the switch.

3. Enter the old PIN code for the SIM card. Depending on the operator, it can be indicated in the instructions for the starter pack or on the card-mount for a SIM card.

4. After successfully activating the settings, you can change the old pincode to a new one more convenient and memorable.

To disable the option or change the PIN code, you will need to enter the current password.

Now when you turn on your smartphone, in addition to the usual unlock code, you will need to specify the configured PIN code. The same action will be required if you remove the SIM card and install it in any other phone.

So the card will be protected from being used by cybercriminals, they will not be able to receive an SMS or a confirmation call from the bank, even making a call to a paid number or writing off funds will not work.


Do not hesitate and turn on the password for the SIM card in the settings of your iPhone as soon as possible . The old pincode is most likely lost along with the documents and other waste paper from the starter pack.

No need to be lazy, you should restore or reset the PIN code using the operator, and then enter a memorable four-digit password.

So in case of theft or loss of a smartphone, you don’t have to spend time calling the operator, you can immediately concentrate on locking and finding the iPhone .

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