All Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro will be with 5G

From day to day, Xiaomi will introduce a new modification of the flagship Mi 9 with the prefix Pro. A distinctive feature of the device will be 5G, and there will be no other options – a phone without support for fifth-generation networks is not expected.

The smartphone will receive a serious increase in battery capacity compared to the regular Mi 9: the Pro version will have a 4000 mAh battery (Mi 9 had 3300 mAh). Xiaomi promises that after seven hours of use, including games, video streaming, working with the camera, video calls and navigation, the smartphone remains 21% of the charge. Moreover, the device supports fast charging at 40 watts and wireless charging at 30 watts.

Other features include 4D Shock vibration. It should provide a more realistic return that comes in handy in games.

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